Complete the definitions (1-8) below with the highlighted words in the text.

1. ‘__________’ means having two halves the same shape and size.

2. ‘__________’ means made by a person.

3. ‘__________’means to use something again.

4. A __________ is a person looking at something.

5. ‘__________’means correct in every detail, with no mistakes.

6. __________ are pictures or drawings.

7. An __________ is a person who designs buildings.

8. ‘__________’means always the same.

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 7, pg.8, ex.9)

Match the words with their definitions.

image architect hand to save symmetrical equipment viewer advantage designer to recycle drawing board drawing to provide

To do something with objects in order to use them again ; we do this with plastic bottles, cans, etc.
Art of representing objects by lines with a pencil, chalk, etc.
Mental picture or idea created in your mind; a copy or a picture of a person.
To keep something safe (ex. …money, …information, …reputation).
Everything you need for a particular purpose, job, task (ex. modern…, office …, medical…, engineering …).
A part of your body at the end of your arm which has 5 fingers.
To give something to somebody physically or virtually (ex. … the answer, … a solution).
A big flat board to which a paper is fixed on which a drawing is made.
Pluses of something over something.
A person who creates images, drawings.
A person who designs buildings.
When two halves (parts) of an object are the same size and shape.
A person who is looking at something or watching something.