He’s a mystery too. Nobody knows where he is from. Just one beautiful day, an eagle brought a leather bag to this rock, and there was a boy inside it.

In Dreamland, where people live under the rule of two brothers Kings.

Where no one never looks for hurt.

Where nobody never look for a darkness.

In Dreamland, where you can find Pine- tree, Sakura and Hot Golden Sand

On the same area at the same time.

In Dreamland, where people, animals, birds, fishes and insects are united by strong invisible power of Great Love and Comprehension.

In Blessed Magical Land, called Dreamland, Young Girl and Young Man live.

And once, They saw each other in a dream, while been asleep.

Young Man is so wonderful at Music, that even those, who lose a Hope, could find The Way;

With a Help of his songs, which He performs together with his friends.

And the Girl is young princess, citizens of Dreamland call her

Beautiful Princess.

And later, they’ll reveal us their names.

I need to say, that there is one Language in Dreamland, and this Language is Great Art.

And each Human, young or old, expresses thoughts and soul motions through Creation.

Creation is main Law of this land.

And we will call these people Free Creators.

Of course, there are grief and pain, tears and fallings apart, suffer and sadness , wounds, broken hearts,

Even here, where We live. But people turn them into objects of Arts.

New Beauty of New World appears, so nothing we can tell about This Land more.



1.Mountains, valley, stream, lake (far away). Summer, Sun, Green, Glittering, Blue, White.

Princess is walking, animals are around her. She feeds and caresses them:

Little lions, little tigers, little bears.

Foal, kitten in her arms.

Eagle, doves, swans.


2. Princess, foal, eagle, kitten. GOLD stream. She enters it and plays with water, walks there.

Curly hair, half- naked, as well as Greek statues. White around thighs, like Aphrodite. Her breasts are covered with a garland of big flowers and leafs. Neither crown, nor any signs of her title.

Alone in a stream. Bathing.


It’s her. The creature of lilies, honey and pearls. Nobody know, how did she appear in Dreamland. One beautiful day, two kings- brothers announced, that they have got a heir now,

And their country received its symbol – Little Princess, that’s how it was on one beautiful day.


3. Transparent View of palace court, balcony, two kings hold little baby girl of 3 or 4 years and show her to people. Curly hair, little crown in, very sweet.

People are sitting in the air, like amphitheater, these people can fly, seat on clouds and glide on sun rays, air streams and winds. Little girl plays with Royal Scepter and Ball, most innocent way, while people greet her.


They say different, but nobody know the truth.

4. Transparent vision disappears. Princess leaves her garland in a stream, walks out of a water,

takes her kitten. Foal follows her, eagle flies away. She continue her day. Sees huge basalt stone,

approaches it, lays down on a grass, in a shadow. She falls asleep.


Northern sea, granite rock, house at the top, huge Japanese style trees around it.

Same eagle, from Princess’s scene. Whales, Norwegian banks. Sky is white, light day. No Sun, but cloudy curtain through the sky, enlightened. Northern autumn day.

6. Like through l’iumelles: whales are showing their backs, close to us.

7. Camera moves to white sky.

8. Camera twists around ( l’iumelles is turning 180’ in hands) and turns to face of Troubadour.


It’s him. Let me introduce you to Troubadour, which lives on a rock, near eagle’s nest.

He’s a mystery too. Nobody knows where he is from. Just one beautiful day, an eagle brought a leather bag to this rock, and there was a boy inside it.

9. VIDEO, black and white.

Bold rock, leather bag, eagle seats apart. Absolutely charming boy of 10 or 11 years appears from a bag. He holds little pots with mini- copies of Japanese trees and plants. Puts them near this bag in an artistic way, very carefully. Then quickly runs to an eagle, seats beside him, closes his eyes and ears,

everything is very fast. As if awaiting for an explosion. And…

An Explosion - rattle, sparks, white smoke, firework. Nothing could be seen for few seconds.

Then smoke’s gone.

10. There are a house and real big trees and plants, well- equipped, looking- good.

The door is a leather curtain with Zipper, like it was on a bag, moves up and down.

Eagle seats at the same place.

The explosion was not too violent for eagle, but there are two or three feathers on a ground beside.

Boy picks them up, kisses and teases noble bird and goes to his house through the doorway.

Curtain falls down and shut it. Zipper is opening by a boy from inside. Boy’s face smiling.